Date: 01.05.2024

Metro continues French expansion

Expanding Metro’s road freight coverage and service offerings in France adds further capability to the company’s strong network and enhances closeness with customers in the region.

For retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributers and all types of shipper, our French import and export services support your deadlines consistently, to make your supply chains more efficient and support your cross-Channel relationships. 

Reacting positively to customer demand, Metro is expanding coverage in France to serve 80 locations across the country, with daily groupage services to/from Paris, Lyon and surrounding areas, providing the ideal balance of lead-time, capacity, frequency and cost.

In addition to daily groupage services, our road freight team offer express, part load and full load services, with equipment for every type of cargo, including refrigerated, hanging garments, outsize and hazardous goods.

Cargo is received continuously at our freight centres for daily groupage departures to and from destinations across France and for urgent shipments we provide an all-in price, transit time and booking for Express van shipments, including guaranteed next day delivery. 

To ensure that your cargo has a smooth and hassle-free Channel-crossing our driver’s customs compliance documentation is barcoded for swift and seamless ‘Smart Border’ transition. Along with dedicated ETSF (External Transit Shed Facility) in the UK and France for document discharge and customs control of inventory consignments.

And because your French customer may not want to arrange import clearances we have solutions which mean you can complete transactions with them as simply and seamlessly as if it were a domestic transaction.

The Delivered Duty Paid or ‘DDP’ Incoterm means the exporter takes responsibility for the transport of the goods and customs formalities in France, and by clearing the goods into free circulation in France and the EU you have taken the burden away from your customer.

Leverage our extensive knowledge, local expertise and unrivalled customer service to enjoy efficient, tailored solutions that meet your supply chain needs, with end-to-end supply chain visibility and milestone tracking.

Metro’s road transport solutions incorporate dedicated vehicles moving on set routes for security, with defined delivery deadlines and use GPS tracked trucks to provide full transparency on transit schedules throughout the UK and France.

Our road freight teams are located close by major manufacturing and transport hubs in Birmingham, Desford and Wythenshawe. To explore the potential of French services EMAIL Richard Gibbs to begin a conversation.