Date: 09.07.2020

Metro leading the way in industry digitalisation

Leading analysts warn that some freight forwarders and 3PLs will be unable to respond quickly to supply chain changes and the technology that supports it. Metro already have the answer.

As global manufacturing, and the supply chains that support it, continue to be transformed by new technology, experts are predicting the emergence of a new breed of e4PL providers.

One of the greatest challenges that the largest, most established freight forwarders face is how quickly they can adapt and respond to many of the global changes currently underway.

For decades forwarders have been adapting successfully to markets that evolve over time, but markets that experience seismic shifts, driven by shifting demand or technological transformation will prove more challenging.

Analysts predict that the future leading logistics players could come from software providers, harnessing technical knowledge, market expertise and adaptable technology platforms, with the ability to deliver these services to customers anywhere.

In familiar ‘disruptor’ terms the main problem for established forwarders is defined to be an inherent structural inflexibility, while the ‘technical’ provider’s investment in technology, software developers, systems analysts, data scientists, procurement, supply chain, logistics network design and industrial engineering is what’s required.

Building and blending such teams is both very expensive and time consuming and attempting to do so inside an existing logistics organisation is challenging and may be impossible. But so too is it for a technology provider.

For twenty years Metro has been investing in technology, software developers, systems analysts, data scientists, procurement, supply chain and logistics network design to create our award-winning MVT operations and supply chain management tool.

We are a supply chain integrator, that manages our resources, capabilities, and technology, with those of appropriate complementary service providers to deliver comprehensive 4PL supply chain solutions.

The typical 4PL client achieves improved service levels, reduced costs, minimised asset down time and reduced supply chain risks to the business. Performance visibility, better reporting and enhanced analytics assist faster and smarter decisions.

The modular Metro 4PL platform offers 16 modules, configurable to customer needs and situation, to consolidate multiple data sources and deliver 4PL insight and control, for strategic supply chain management and data-driven decision making.