Date: 18.08.2020

Post-Brexit timeline of import border controls for trade in EU goods

As the end of the Brexit transition period looms large, it is crucial to consider what will happen to border controls for EU trade from 1st of January 2021.

As we reside in turbulent times, it must be brought to light that this articles content is not absolute, and is subject to change as time progresses.

There has been much deliberation about what you can do to prepare for 1st January, however we are going to address what will happen to the border controls for trade in EU goods after our departure from the European Union.

As a result, we have designed a preliminary timeline of what is expected to happen at specific dates, in accordance with the British International Freight Associations guidelines.

1st January onwards:

When importing standard, non-controlled goods, traders will need to keep sufficient records of imported products, and will have up to six months to complete declarations. It is important to note that tariffs will need to be paid on all imports, however, payments can be deferred until customs declarations have been made.

There will almost certainly be checks for controlled goods at the frontier. High risk items will also involve physical checks at the terminus.

Postponed VAT accounting will be available for UK VAT registered companies.

1st April onwards:

All products of animal origins (POAO) and regulated plant products will need pre-notification, coupled with the presentation of supporting health documentation.

1st July onwards:

Customs declarations, tariff payments, safety declarations are required at point of importation by all traders. This will mean an increase in physical checks and taking samples for SPS commodities.

Checks on animals and plants will be undertaken at the appropriate border control posts outside of the British border.

Metro will continue to update and advise you on the situation as processes begin to become more transparent and further advisories and information are released by government.

For further immediate requirements please call Andrew White or Jade Barrow who are leading our EU withdrawal Task Team.