Date: 30.06.2022

Safety and security easements effective 1st July 2022

HMRC is introducing four new border easements tomorrow, focused around the submission of safety and security (S&S) information for vehicles taking goods into and out of the UK.

The facilitations, that will be welcomed by the logistics sector, were recently confirmed to members of the Joint Customs Consultative Committee (JCCC) and are aimed at improving the flow of goods and vehicles at UK borders.

The JCCC is the main forum for HMRC to discuss trade changes directly with industry and considers representations from more than 40 member organisations

The four key S&S facilitations will come into force from tomorrow, the 1st July 2022 for both EU and rest-of-world trade, with traders, hauliers and carriers set to benefit.

Hauliers will benefit because they will no longer be burdened with the creation of documentation for the port of departure and the ports of departure in the UK will benefit because the haulier can move through their port unheeded.

Removing the need for S&S declarations (also known as Exit Summary or EXS declarations) will reduce the burden on hauliers and carriers, allowing empty containers, pallets and vehicles to move more quickly and efficiently, which means shippers will benefit because equipment should become available faster, reducing waiting time for loading.

The easements are:
Making S&S Movement Reference Numbers (MRNs) optional in the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS), for both imports and exports.

– Removal of S&S requirements for exported empty units.
– Removal of S&S requirements on outbound inter-port transhipments (when moved under transit and a single transport contract.
– Removal of S&S requirements on Merchandise in Baggage, for both imports and exports.

Making the MRN optional is a significant change, reducing the complexity around needing to cancel and create a new GVMS entry if the MRN changes.

Empty units:
As part of the package of easements, empty units exported under a transport contract will no longer be required to complete S&S declarations.

From 1st July 2022, carriers can complete inputs into the GVMS without entering any S&S declaration reference numbers.

A GMR will continue to be required, after the 1st July 2022, for empty units or units loaded with empty packages.

Our CuDoS customs brokerage platform is optimised continuously, in line with the regimes in force on both sides of the Channel.

Automating and submitting customs declarations and associated paperwork, CuDoS simplifies compliant border processing, in either direction. 

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