Date: 03.09.2020

The joined up supply chain

The supply chain is a complex system of interrelated parts which need to be monitored continuously to avoid problems and keep it running effectively.

True supply chain visibility requires the ability to see the whole supply chain at all times in order to solve problems as they arise, as incomplete visibility can lead to distorted conclusions and incorrect decisions.

Planning and maintaining the logistics networks of moving product from point A to point B is essential, as is keeping the foundation of your supply chain strong and efficient, to maximise the supply load you can bear.

A robust, resilient and flexible supply chain is essential in order to set your business up for success. 

Real-time and accurate data-driven insights provide the vision needed to spot and diagnose problems in your supply chain, so that they can be resolved automatically, or you direct resource to work on fixing it.

Data must be easily accessible and shared so that solutions can be developed to solve problems and keep the supply chain components working together to keep operations functioning at top capacity.

AI and machine learning programs will become essential supply chain tools in analysing big data and complex datasets, while Blockchain will add new layers of visibility and automation.

Consider the supply chain in a holistic way, because problems in the extended supply chain should not be underestimated, as the butterfly effect of one small thing going wrong, can result in more extensive issues down the line. 

Metro has invested significantly and continuously over the last 20 years, on the development of our digital solutions and software, by an in-house team of experts. 

Metro’s technical products and expertise are market-leading. Our operations, supply chain management and tracking platform, My Visibility Tool (MVT), is multi-award winning and, like all our solutions conceived, built and supported internally, which is why Metro is the only freight forwarder to be a member of the Association of Freight Software Suppliers.

We listen to customers and then design, create and engineer bespoke solutions that realise their vision, simplify their shipping and add real value. 

Our latest technical innovation ‘CuDoS’ bridges the gap between analogue and digital data, automatically ‘reading’ and digitally translating hard-copy documents, to simplify and accelerate customs declarations, which is critical with an additional 200 million Customs declarations forecast to follow Brexit.

If you want visibility, transparency and reliability in your supply chain, together with reliable logistics and freight forwarding support, Metro delivers a tailored service and operation as standard. 

For further detail and specific information please contact with Simon George our Technical Solutions Director across all of the Metro brands.