Date: 30.06.2020

The Metro team talk: Laurence Burford

Head of Finance, Laurence Burford, joined Metro directly from academia, graduating in Law and Biomedical sciences from Staffordshire and Durham Universities.

Failure to comply with regulatory requirements can have financial, legal and reputational consequences for businesses.

Laurence joined Metro in 2011, taking responsibility for legal and compliance, implementing effective compliance policies and educating employees on their use.

Staying informed on the different regulations with which Metro must comply Laurence is constantly reviewing potential issues; adapting and implementing procedures to address them.

In 2016 Laurence was recognised as Metro’s employee of the year. In the same year he was promoted to his current role, which encompasses accounts, finance, quality, legal and compliance tasks.

In addition to implementing new operating systems for joint venture partners in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Laurence has successfully navigated Metro, and joint venture partner Fracht, to critical AEO and ISO quality accreditations.

With lower inspection rates, faster release and preferential treatment by Customs, the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) accreditation, could be critical, Post-Brexit.

Every day the Metro team face issues and uncertainties that may represent risk or an opportunity for growth and development, depending on how they are tackled.

Laurence’s approach to corporate governance, risk management and compliance protects Metro, improving our ability to create and deliver value.