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Summer 2024; France supply chain alert

This summer, a number of large-scale sporting events are likely to create some supply chain disruption, with the Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place in Paris between the 26th of July to the 11th of August, and the 28th of August to the 8th of September. The Paris 2024 Olympic Games, whic... Read more

Red Sea Crisis insurance withdrawals – fact or fiction?

In addition to fast-rising ocean freight rates and extended transit times, as the container shipping lines divert around Africa, shippers have been struggling to understand what (if any) insurance is in place, with insurance companies massively increasing war risk premiums and no longer willing t... Read more

Red Sea Crisis; Situation Report, Wednesday 17th Jan

Despite coalition military action, Houthi rebels continue to attack commercial shipping and with container shipping line’ schedules showing Cape of Good Hope routing for vessels into early February and beyond, it is clear that they do not expect short-term access through the Suez Canal and Red ... Read more

Metro invest as EV/Lithium battery demand focus attention on safety

With over 70 fires on container ships blamed on hazardous cargo, chemicals and batteries in the past five years and an onboard Li-ion fire contributing to the fatal crash of a UPS Flight in 2010, insurers are calling for improved regulatory clarity and the need to address transport safety issues ... Read more

Hazardous update and moving electric cars

Rechargeable Lithium or Li-ion batteries, the predominant battery type used in portable consumer electronics and electric vehicles, generate extreme heat when they malfunction, which can quickly spread to nearby combustible materials, causing a rapid fire that's challenging to extinguish. Ther... Read more

Who are the specialists in shipping dangerous goods and lithium batteries? – Metro of course!

Metro are specialists in shipping dangerous goods and lithium batteries worldwide, with qualified personnel providing documentation, handling, transport and logistics solutions for all types of hazardous cargoes. Globally. Dangerous and hazardous goods are items or substances that could pose r... Read more

Safely moving dangerous goods

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that’s used commonly in electronic devices such as smartwatches and mobile phones, with demand for larger Li-ion batteries to power electric vehicles, but there are significant challenges in transporting these hazardous products.... Read more