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Red Sea Crisis insurance withdrawals – fact or fiction?

In addition to fast-rising ocean freight rates and extended transit times, as the container shipping lines divert around Africa, shippers have been struggling to understand what (if any) insurance is in place, with insurance companies massively increasing war risk premiums and no longer willing t... Read more

£150m stolen from supply chains in 2020

Over £400,000 worth of goods in transit were stolen every day from Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) supply chains in 2020, even with many countries being under lockdown for much of the year. The Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) recorded 6,463 cargo thefts across 56 countries... Read more

Join Fracht USA webinar for the BIG answers and market updates

With our joint venture partner Fracht, Metro plan, organise and manage the protection, handling and global transportation of large, heavy, high value, and complex pieces of equipment. Project movements are all about attention to detail, effective briefing and the proven audit and planning proc... Read more

Two tunnels and one world record

If you follow the project forwarding press you may have seen reports on our joint venture partner Fracht’s, multi-modal transportation of the 515 tonne tunnel boring machine, Mary from the recently completed River Humber utility tunnel to its home in Germany, while a second boring machine trans... Read more